Designed for Simplicity.

Powerful development tool for Designers & Developers allowing them to produce results faster than ever…

The Advantages

There are a number of compelling reasons to using our technology in your web projects, be they Internet, Extranet or complex e-business solutions.

  • Increased speed of development, faster project turnaround.
  • Simple to learn and use for developers and designers.
  • Compatible with all development environments.
  • Pretested, reliable, extensible and reusable components.
  • Simple integration into existing development and a framework for new development.
  • Everything is fully customisable by the designers and programmers giving you YOUR look and feel and not one imposed by your choice of development tools.
  • Separation of presentation from business logic allowing designers and developers to concentrate on their specific areas.
  • Based on OpenSource software and open standards.
  • Designed for simplicity, built to power.

The Technology

Our software is composed of a small number of classes written in PHP. This provides all of the core functionality. A feature is its use of modules that can be plugged in to provide a rich set of building blocks. These building blocks represent easily reusable functionality such as Message Boards, News Announcements, Event Diaries, User Logins, User Accounts, Catalogues and Shopping Carts. Using the modules and adding functionality to a web site is done through a set of 12 simple tags that are entered into the standard HTML code as basic text.