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Customised Content Management Systems

There are thousands of content management system management systems available in the market today. With these, not everyone can use a template content as your website represents your identity, your business’s identity.  The content in your website must be powerful enough to show your visitors who you are, what your stand for and what’s you company’s unique selling proposition.

Content management systems are not custom or one-size-fits-all technologies that can envelope every site in existence – it is never a compelling choice to choose a custom content management system (CCMS), especially if the business handled by CCMS is (and is to remain) small. The unwanted expense for a CCMS can be outright put aside if the company can utilize an open source CMS and alter it to suit its needs.

A custom content management system is specifically tailored to exclusively fulfill a single company, or a single use case for a company. Unlike open source CMSs where the underlying code can be altered and modified with the help of a larger online community, CCMSs are proprietary solutions that can be utilized to cater to the workflow and design of specific needs to provide solutions for your business.

A CCMS is recommended when a business has security concerns or requirements that cannot be provided by off-the-shelf platforms, as they are more susceptible to random automated attacks. Another case where CCMS is preferred over an open source CMS is if the business needs to push the limits of customization that open source CMSs are too primitive for – the only disadvantage in this case is the inability to run future software updates that could potentially break your custom code. CCMSs are also useful if the business prefers an interface workflow custom designed to appear (and be) more professional, minimal, etc. This ensures optimum efficiency and effectiveness of your website design and development.

A five-year lifespan is recommended when you’re looking for a professional team to design your management system, customized 100% to suit your needs.

Computer coding

Another major deal-breaker with open source and custom CMSs is the overall expenses. While open source CMSs may cost little to none, the business may end up investing and recruit in-house IT staff, and/or third-party development support groups, hence ending up with high maintenance costs. These expenses remain one of the main reasons as to why most companies opt out of a custom CMS system for their business and resorts to other alternatives that may prove to be ineffective in the long run. On the other hand, custom-built CMS development services may cost a little more initially, but given that they are built to suit a business’ specific needs, the resulting increased control over the platform may end up reducing maintenance costs. Custom CMSs are also owned by the business, unlike open source CMSs, which may resolve future licensing issues. It is up to the business owner to make his final decision based on his company resource, capabilities, potential and overall objective of the business or firm.

On the contrary, here’s why you may now not have to choose CCMSs anymore – cloud-first headless CMS.

While CMS may be a headache to customize and provide content without messing up the code in the backyard, headless CMS provides the user with complete freedom to create content without it affecting the background HTML code. After initial retrieval of content from its repository using REST API, it is completely up to the user’s wildest imaginations about the choice and design of content display.

Target setting

Cloud-based headless CMSs run on a consumption-based pricing strategy that beat building and running a CCMS. They are also hosted directly by the vendor, meaning less security risks to worry about for everybody else. The hotfixes and updates are applied automatically – hence you’ll always have it on the latest version. Headless CMSs are also constructed in a way that their architecture can be used to easily access content using API and developing applications to suit the needs of any corporate department.

There are always a plethora of reasons to justify not taking the bold leap. While CCMSs are to be rendered obsolete (like every other technology since floppy disks), they provide you with absolute control over your content, and can be coded to have unique compliance requirements. This can help a business stand out in the digital space in terms of competition and dissatisfied visitors. A custom CMSs flexibility, ease-of-use, and lack of downtime is a guaranteed payback on itself in the immediate future. Any business of web developer advisor in today’s world would suggest the perks of adopting a custom CMS as a part of your business endeavor and provide solutions as to how to go about them and how they remain to be beneficial for your business in the long run.